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I discovered the value of blogging inadvertently, before Ideally officially came to be, when I was doing freelance writing. Clients were asking if I did blog writing as well as website content. I started blogging for them, and we began seeing serious results. So I decided I better get my game on and start my own blog.

I’ve seen business blogs do wonders for CPAs, business coaches, consultants, technology companies, and retail companies. Here are 15 benefits, in no particular order. (I could tell you more, but I’m about ready for another cup of coffee. . . .)

  1. It’s an ideal way to educate your audience. Blogs are the perfect place to host educational articles on why and how your product or service helps your market. It’s constantly refreshing, so people come back to read, but it also serves as an archive for those who want to research more before they call to set up an appointment or make their purchase. Case in point: this post.
  2. It’s an easy way to communicate with your customers and clients. Need to get information out to your clients? A blog allows you to host information and send links to it via social media or an e-newsletter.
  3. A blog is the foundation of SEO. SEO used to be about optimizing metadata, but that’s changed dramatically. Metadata still has its place, but Google is now looking for valuable content. Google’s #1 advice to website owners is to “give visitors the information they’re looking for.”
  4. Blog posts and articles are a great way to demonstrate your expertise. How will your prospects have confidence that you know what you’re talking about and are competent at what you do? Telling them so isn’t very convincing, but demonstrating your knowledge through blog posts and articles sure is. I can’t tell you how many times someone has said to me, “I saw your posts on LinkedIn and read your blog—you really know your stuff!”
  5. A blog is the hub of content marketing. Business owners and professionals sometimes get overwhelmed when they think about content marketing—social media platforms, e-mail newsletters, whitepapers, e-books, podcasts, videos. . . . But a blog makes content marketing easy. When you create a series of blog posts, you can use that same content everywhere else. Send links to your posts out on social media. Feature your most popular posts in your e-newsletter. Take a series of posts on a particular topic and turn them into chapters in an e-book or reformat them into a whitepaper. Create podcasts and video content based off your blog content. Blogging makes content marketing easy.
  6. A blog reinforces your branding. A blog gives your company a voice. Your company’s personality can come out in a blog in a way that it can’t elsewhere.
  7. A blog creates conversation. Because blogs can be more casual, your audience feels more connected when they’re able to read and interact with you on your blog.
  8. Blogging keeps you up to date. If you use your blog to feature industry news as well as informational posts and tip articles, you’ll be constantly in touch with the trends and developments in your industry. This makes you appear relevant and gives prospects confidence.
  9. A blog keeps you focused on your content marketing strategy. Because a blog necessitates an editorial calendar with an outline of topic ideas, you can see the overall picture of your content and be sure it’s strategic. You’re not just randomly shooting off social media posts or sending out disjointed e-mails.
  10. A blog sometimes creates free PR. If you are actively blogging, sharing valuable information on the web and through social channels, media people who are interested in your topics will often contact you as an expert. You may be asked for quotes to use in their articles, or if you’re interesting enough, they may do a feature on you.
  11. Blogging makes selling easy. One of the most difficult parts of the sales process is convincing the prospect of your value. But when they read your blog, they understand the value—they see it in post after post after post. I know this from experience. When I started blogging regularly, my closing rate went up to an average 75%. Now, when I sit down with someone, I’m confident that they’ll sign on if I know I can help them. Before you meet with someone, send them an email with 3 or 4 titles and links to blog posts you know would help them or speak to their issues. They’ll come to you pre-sold.
  12. A blog reinforces your status as an industry leader. Leaders are the ones who speak, who give information out to others. They’re the ones who inspire through what they say, and educate. Be an industry leader, and your business will grow. You’ll also be able to charge more, because people will associate that industry leadership with value.
  13. Blogging gives you insight into your customers and prospects. A blog is a great way to learn what resonates with your audience. Connect your blog to Google Analytics, and you can see what topics are most popular, where readers go after reading a post, and whether they’re following the path you intend for them to take through your website.
  14. A blog is a cost-effective marketing investment. Even if you’re paying someone to write your blog posts, you’re able to use that content across all your platforms and outlets, which makes a little go a long way.
  15. A blog can tell your story. You can’t say everything you need to in a company About page. A blog gives you an opportunity to share your philosophy, promote activities and events  you’re involved in, feature your employees, and gradually reveal what makes you special.

There you go. If you need more reasons, give me a call at 864-908-0840 and I’ll keep talking! 🙂

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