value propositions

Actor Chris Evans says, “If you want to be around in 10 years you’ve got to do something to differentiate yourself from the pack.” And what’s true for actors is true for businesses, at least in this arena. If you look and sound exactly like your competitors, how will your prospects know they should choose you?

Here are seven questions to get you thinking about how to differentiate yourself:

  1. What results do you deliver that your competitors can’t?
  2. What do you deliver that’s better?
  3. What’s unique about the process you use to deliver them?
  4. What are your business values? What’s your passion?
  5. What do you know that your competitors don’t?
  6. Do you serve a particular niche especially well?
  7. Do your credentials or experience set you apart?

Think through the answers to these questions, then tie your answers to what that means for your prospects. How do those things help your clients in a way that your competitors can’t? Figure that out, and you’ve got yourself a differentiator.
photo credit: Nina Matthews Photography via photopin cc

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