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Hi there! I’m a content strategist and writer who works with marketing teams at tech and software companies. My work is based on over a decade of experience helping dozens of companies create strategies that attract target prospects and craft content that boosts marketing performance. I’ve served as a marketing manager for three companies, including a HubSpot Platinum Partner marketing agency.

I’m a nerd who loves learning. I’m fascinated by human behavior, and I’ve spent two decades studying behavioral psychology.

I balance my bookishness with a hiking addiction. I’ve enjoyed exploring nature from the moody mountains in the Pacific Northwest to the jagged green hills in the Scottish Highlands. One of my hobbies is teaching ESL to immigrants and refugees. I’m inspired by my students’ dedication and life stories.

If you could use some help from a strategist who can get into the minds of target audiences and a writer with mad research skills, sales training, and broad experience writing conversion-focused copy, get in touch!

Laura MacPherson


I'm a Specialist

All-in-one marketing agencies don’t usually have experienced content strategists with psychology expertise on board. To create content that attracts the right audience, you need more than a writer.

Trends come and go, but the underlying principles of human psychology and persuasion are what drive conversions. I’m trained in sales, and I know how to translate that knowledge into websites and sales pages. As a marketing manager for a top-tier content marketing agency, I honed my skills analyzing target audiences, crafting strategies to reach them, and creating high-quality content that increased lead count and lead quality.

I Work Efficiently

As a former marketing manager who worked with freelancers, I understand the importance of deadlines.

I Get Meaningful Results

Nice words aren’t enough to bring more leads to your sales team. My psychology-based approach delivers leads who come with an understanding that your company is uniquely qualified to help them.

I'm Famous For My People Skills

Results are essential, but you probably also want to work with someone who makes projects simple and enjoyable. I happen to fit that bill as well!

My clients appreciate my communication skills and track record of happy customers.

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A Few of My Clients

“You are our most valued asset in growing our business. You’ve helped us think in lots of new ways and have completely transformed what we think about how to use content in our marketing strategy.”
Mike Donnelly
Mike Donnelly Seventh Sense
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