If you’re like me, when you get an idea, you like to get started on it. Why wait? Right? I’m not one to just sit around. But it’s possible to get going too quickly, particularly if I haven’t asked the questions I need to ask and done the research needed.

I’m taking a course from the University of Maryland called “Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies”, and that’s one of the topics the course covers: how to do market research that will give you the information you need to give your venture the best chance of success.

Because it’s your customers who are going to buy your products and services. Not you. But we forget about that when we get all excited about the idea. We think we know what our customers want, so we jump straight in.

We do it when we’re developing products and services, and we do it when we’re writing content for our websites and blogs. We like to talk about ourselves and the idea, all the cool bells and whistles. But prospects  don’t care about those things yet. They’re consumed with their own needs.

Before we write a single sentence on a webpage or blog post, we need to ask ourselves:

  • What pain do my prospects  have? What relief do they need?
  • What ignites their passion?
  • What have they purchased before? What are their favorite purchases? What was it about those products that they wanted most?
  • What do they want to hear?
  • What don’t they want? What are they annoyed by? Frustrated by? Worried about?

If we find out the answers to these questions before we get started, we’ll give our website a much better chance of connecting with prospects and converting them into customers.

photo credit: djwtwo via photopin cc

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