Write Email Subject Lines that Your Prospects Will Click (Even if They’re Beyond Busy)


You’re busy. And even if you love your work, your days are filled with the mundane. (Even if you’re a Hollywood celebrity — how else do you explain their penchant to invent drama?)

Your prospects are also busy and also surrounded with the mundane. They’re sitting at their desks each morning, going through dozens of emails, just like every other morning. Their …Read More

Want Happier Customers Who Will Recommend Your Company? Give Your Products an Experiential Twist.


Black Friday this year found me exploring a wilderness-area canyon in central Arizona, in search of Sinagua cliff dwelling ruins. I didn’t miss shopping that weekend—and I had the time of my life.

You’ve probably heard that buying and consuming life experiences, contrasted with material items, leads to greater well-being. Many studies demonstrate that people are generally happier as a …Read More

4 Ways Marketing Managers Can Benefit From Working With Pro Freelance Writers


Imagine having enough time in the day to actually get your important-but-not-urgent projects finished. Or being able to level up your content marketing. Or increasing the conversions on your landing pages so you’re able to deliver more high-quality leads to sales.

I don’t know of anyone leading an in-house marketing team who wouldn’t want those things. But most in-house teams are kept …Read More

Landing Pages are the Missing Link in Your Online Marketing Strategy


How’s your online marketing performing? Are you getting the results you want? Are the people clicking on your ads or your email CTAs taking action when they land on your site?

Bottom line, are you getting the phone calls or form fills you need? If not, landing pages may be what’s missing in your strategy. Here’s why.
Message Relevancy
If you’ve created a …Read More

Here’s How to Optimize Your Landing Page When You Don’t Have Enough Conversions for Split Testing

It’s the classic catch-22: You don’t have enough conversions to optimize your landing page, but without optimizing your landing page, you’ll never get those conversions. How will you ever get more of your site visitors to fill your form or give you a call?

It’s frustrating for small businesses owners and management teams — really any business that doesn’t have a ton …Read More

Why Should I Use a Landing Page for My AdWords Campaign? Isn’t My Homepage Good Enough?

If you click on various AdWords ads, you’ll see that most marketers are sending their prospects straight to their website’s homepage. This is a big mistake that’s causing these folks to lose leads. Why? Here are six reasons.
1. You don’t have the luxury of the “referral pre-sell”.
When people arrive at your website via a referral from a friend or colleague, they’re …Read More

How to Measure Content Marketing ROI

Here’s the million-dollar question: Is your content marketing system really working? How’s your ROI? According to a report by The Content Marketing Institute, brand awareness is no longer enough for B2B companies. 85% of respondents say they’re now looking for leads from their content marketing systems. And they should be! Although brand awareness is a good ancillary goal, if your …Read More

When You Try to Speak to Everyone, You End Up Communicating With No One

Lots of people visit your website. Current clients looking for information, prospects who are thinking of making a purchase, people who want to learn more about your area of expertise (DIYers), competitors, people who saw your ad and are curious, people who click on your link in their not-really-related Google search, etc.

You probably want to say something to all of these people. …Read More

How Much Should You Spend on Conversion Rate Optimization? Here’s How to Calculate It

If you ask a typical business owner what his or her budget is for conversion rate optimization, you’re likely to get a blank stare. People who run companies know how much they should be spending on office space, personnel, supplies, and even advertising. But when it comes to the murky waters of online marketing, particularly conversion rate optimization, it’s not …Read More

What If Opening Our Email Inboxes Felt More Like Getting Goodies In Our Snail Mailboxes?

If opening your email felt more like checking the snail mail for something awesome from Amazon and less like digging through the trash, the world would be a better place. If every email you sent contained something awesome that the recipient deeply wanted, everyone would look forward to your emails. — Robert Williams
Why do so many companies and salespeople send …Read More