Work Smarter, Not Harder: Let Content Do the Work of Selling


Salespeople are a pretty tenacious bunch. They send email after email, make call after call, meet with prospect after prospect, then get up morning after morning and repeat. Salespeople work hard. But hard work doesn’t make sales — at least not efficiently.

Most B2B companies now understand the role that content plays in marketing, to generate leads. But many companies are still relying on …Read More

4 Ways Marketing Managers Can Benefit From Working With Pro Freelance Writers


Imagine having enough time in the day to actually get your important-but-not-urgent projects finished. Or being able to level up your content marketing. Or increasing the conversions on your landing pages so you’re able to deliver more high-quality leads to sales.

I don’t know of anyone leading an in-house marketing team who wouldn’t want those things. But most in-house teams are kept …Read More

4 Steps to Calculate How Much Your Leads Are Worth

In order to make smart marketing decisions, you need to know what your leads are worth. This calculation is a bit more challenging for B2B companies with the longer sales cycles that come with more complex, higher-price-tag products and services. But not knowing what your leads are worth can either cause you to shy away from spending what you need …Read More

How to Measure Content Marketing ROI

Here’s the million-dollar question: Is your content marketing system really working? How’s your ROI? According to a report by The Content Marketing Institute, brand awareness is no longer enough for B2B companies. 85% of respondents say they’re now looking for leads from their content marketing systems. And they should be! Although brand awareness is a good ancillary goal, if your …Read More

Pain or Gain? When You Do More Than Solve Problems, You Go Beyond the Expected

Sales is about solving problems, right? We’re taught in nearly every sales system that if you can convince prospects that you understand their pain, if you dig into the emotions associated with that pain, and if you show them that your solution solves that pain and eliminates those negative emotions, then they’ll be begging to sign your contract.
It’s true, most …Read More

“Here, I’m Happy to Help You, No Charge”

Your competitors are all out there blabbing about the features and benefits of their products or services. They’re all the same. “Our company/product/service is amazing and here’s why.” Be different.

People today are inundated with advertising messages. And no matter what the message is, no matter how unique, how creative, or how “sticky,” they’re all essentially the same. They’re saying, “look …Read More