Sensory Images

Use Sensory Images in Your Marketing to Stand Out from Your Competition


Let’s face reality. Your prospects’ inboxes are overflowing, their social media feeds are filled with your competitors’ updates, and the first three pages of their Google searches contain sites just as good as yours. “Visibility” is no longer enough. Everyone is so visible that they’re all blending into one big bulk that might as well be invisible.

You are not just …Read More

content that produces leads

How to Re-tool Content That Isn’t Converting the Right Leads


Scissors are pretty nifty objects. They’ve been around since the time of ancient Egypt and have remained an essential tool in nearly every office and home. They’re really good at cutting things.

But when you want to hang framed artwork in your office or home, those nifty scissors leave something to be desired. You need a tool that’s designed to …Read More

B2B Marketing

Emotion Sells, Even in B2B. Here’s How to Use Emotion to Win Business Buyers.


B2B companies almost always focus on business value when marketing or selling their products and services. After all, ROI is the holy grail for businesses—if you can prove that you can deliver strong ROI, you win the deal, right? Except it doesn’t seem to work that way.

A 2013 study by Google and CEB’s Marketing Leadership Council found that, on average, …Read More

Technology Freelance Writer

4 Ways Marketing Managers Can Benefit From Working With Pro Freelance Writers


Imagine having enough time in the day to actually get your important-but-not-urgent projects finished. Or being able to level up your content marketing. Or increasing the conversions on your landing pages so you’re able to deliver more high-quality leads to sales.

I don’t know of anyone leading an in-house marketing team who wouldn’t want those things. But most in-house teams are kept …Read More

Blog Posts

26 Ways to Generate Post Ideas for Your B2B Blog (that Your Prospects will Love)


Nearly every B2B business leader who writes blog articles has been there: sitting at your desk, staring at your published post with its minimal number of likes and shares, wondering if your prospects are even reading your blog. Ugh.

Sometimes it can feel like you’re writing into a black hole. That’s because, sometimes, you are.

Most B2B companies have blogs …Read More

Business People

What’s the Job of Marketing? (Hint: it’s not just to get “likes” and “shares”)


Marketing and Sales are two teams that are supposed to work together toward a common goal: increased revenue. Too often, these two teams are at odds, because the job of Marketing isn’t clearly spelled out. Is Marketing’s job to get more brand recognition? To get more shares on LinkedIn? To get more traffic coming to the website? Sales never thinks …Read More

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Lead Nurturing Isn’t About “Following Up” to “Touch Base” — It’s About Demonstrating Your Value

How many times have you found yourself chasing a prospect after you presented a proposal? You call and leave a voicemail saying you’re just following up and wanted to know if he or she had any questions. You email and say you wanted to touch base and see if they’d had a chance to look over the proposal yet. And …Read More

content marketing strategy

How to Get Inside Your Prospects’ Heads

It’s a fact of human nature: people look out for Number One. We go through our days consumed with our own needs, wants, and ways of looking at things. It takes work to get out of “me” mode and view things from another person’s perspective.

But when it comes to marketing and sales, getting inside your prospects’ heads isn’t optional—it’s a …Read More

5 Ways to Better Understand Your Prospects

You can have the most amazing product or service in the world, but if you don’t understand what makes your prospects tick, you won’t be successful in selling to them. The key to successful marketing, successful sales, and successful communication is knowing your prospects.

You need to understand their goals, their fears, what they hate about their jobs, what they want more of, what they …Read More

How to Measure Content Marketing ROI

Here’s the million-dollar question: Is your content marketing system really working? How’s your ROI? According to a report by The Content Marketing Institute, brand awareness is no longer enough for B2B companies. 85% of respondents say they’re now looking for leads from their content marketing systems. And they should be! Although brand awareness is a good ancillary goal, if your …Read More