4 Tools That Tell You Why Your Website Visitors Abandon Your Site

If you’re not getting many leads on your website, you may be asking yourself why. Particularly if you get a lot of traffic. If there are people visiting your website, why aren’t they placing an order or calling you?

Here are four great tools that show you why your visitors aren’t taking action.

Google Analytics — We use Google Analytics daily. Even though it’s …Read More

Want to Convert More Web Visitors to Customers? 10 Things You Should Split-test

You probably pay good money to get traffic to your website: either for SEO, PPC, advertising, etc. You want to make the most of those dollars by getting the highest number of visitors to convert into paying customers.

Split-testing, or A/B testing, is one of the most powerful ways to do that — to figure out what works and what doesn’t …Read More

How to Use Scarcity and Urgency to Improve Conversion Optimization (in a Way that’s Not Cheesy)

Conversion optimization is all about psychology—implementing small changes that have a big effect on how viewers perceive and interact with your website.
You’re probably familiar with the principles of scarcity and urgency — if there aren’t very many of something, people want it, and if they won’t be able to get it after a certain time, they want it now. 
Those principles are true …Read More

Use Visitor Flow to Target the People Who Will Pay You

Lots of people visit your website. Prospects, existing clients, do-it-yourselfers, media, even competitors. Which of those people is your site speaking to? Who are you writing your blog posts for?
If you’re using Google Analytics, you might think you should write more of what your traffic is interested in—the blog topics that get the most clicks, the pages that get the …Read More

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Connect With Your Target Market Via an “Ideal For” Statement

Although it would be nice if you could help every person in the whole world, the reality is that you can’t—you aren’t Superman or Superwoman. You do offer frustration-relieving, delightful solutions for certain people, however, and they think you’re the bee’s knees.
You might already know that it’s a good idea to pick a target market to focus on. Marketing to …Read More

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3 Reasons People Hit the Back Button When They Land on Your Home Page

 According to the Nielsen Norman Group, most users stay on a website’s home page for less than 59 seconds. If you don’t capture their interest by that time, they’ve hit the back button. What causes them to leave? Here are 3 reasons.

Misleading information on Google, social media, or your links. How do people find your website? A Google search? A social media …Read More

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Can One Word Increase Your ROI? Yup!

How much do words really matter? I mean, one phrase is as good as the next, right? Not when it comes to ROI.

PR Daily recently published some insightful data showing that changing even one word can increase ROI significantly. The words you use make a difference. Here are 5 examples.

Use “my” instead of “your” on call-to-action buttons. Case study after case study …Read More