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Can One Word Increase Your ROI? Yup!

How much do words really matter? I mean, one phrase is as good as the next, right? Not when it comes to ROI.

PR Daily recently published some insightful data showing that changing even one word can increase ROI significantly. The words you use make a difference. Here are 5 examples.

Use “my” instead of “your” on call-to-action buttons. Case study after case study …Read More

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Good Writing Isn’t Enough: 5 Ways Content Strategy Helps You Fill Your Sales Pipeline

If you’re on the wrong road, driving faster won’t get you where you want to go. If you’re putting out the wrong kind of content, creating more of it won’t attract the prospects you need.

Good writing isn’t enough to fill your sales pipeline. To generate results, content has to be designed well, which is where content strategy comes in.

Strategy helps …Read More

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5 Strategies for Writing Interesting Blog Posts on Boring Topics

You may think your business isn’t all that interesting to most people. Maybe your company cleans offices. Maybe you write complicated software for a niche industry. Maybe your business is selling machinery parts. The truth is, you can say a lot. A lot that people will find interesting and helpful. Here are five strategies you can use to transform boring …Read More