Write Email Subject Lines that Your Prospects Will Click (Even if They’re Beyond Busy)


You’re busy. And even if you love your work, your days are filled with the mundane. (Even if you’re a Hollywood celebrity — how else do you explain their penchant to invent drama?)

Your prospects are also busy and also surrounded with the mundane. They’re sitting at their desks each morning, going through dozens of emails, just like every other morning. Their …Read More

What’s the Job of Marketing? (Hint: it’s not just to get “likes” and “shares”)


Marketing and Sales are two teams that are supposed to work together toward a common goal: increased revenue. Too often, these two teams are at odds, because the job of Marketing isn’t clearly spelled out. Is Marketing’s job to get more brand recognition? To get more shares on LinkedIn? To get more traffic coming to the website? Sales never thinks …Read More

7 Steps to Make Your Marketing Emails Human (and Get the Results You Want)

No one likes to be marketed to any more than they like to be sold to. You’ve probably received plenty of emails that just feel bleh because they’re too impersonal or too full of marketing mumbo jumbo. Those kinds of emails don’t get a response, so who knows why marketers keep sending them.

If you want results from your email marketing, you …Read More

What If Opening Our Email Inboxes Felt More Like Getting Goodies In Our Snail Mailboxes?

If opening your email felt more like checking the snail mail for something awesome from Amazon and less like digging through the trash, the world would be a better place. If every email you sent contained something awesome that the recipient deeply wanted, everyone would look forward to your emails. — Robert Williams
Why do so many companies and salespeople send …Read More