Marketing Department

The Two Types of Marketers and How to Know Which You Should Hire for Your B2B Company


Let’s acknowledge the elephant in the room: 80% of CEOs don’t trust marketers. We have about the same reputation as used car salesmen. And for good reason — too many marketers are creative but lack business savvy, particularly when it comes to the reality of the sales funnel and measuring ROI.

The idea of hiring a VP of Marketing or an …Read More

Content Strategy

Landing Pages are the Missing Link in Your Online Marketing Strategy


How’s your online marketing performing? Are you getting the results you want? Are the people clicking on your ads or your email CTAs taking action when they land on your site?

Bottom line, are you getting the phone calls or form fills you need? If not, landing pages may be what’s missing in your strategy. Here’s why.
Message Relevancy
If you’ve created a …Read More

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Lead Nurturing Isn’t About “Following Up” to “Touch Base” — It’s About Demonstrating Your Value

How many times have you found yourself chasing a prospect after you presented a proposal? You call and leave a voicemail saying you’re just following up and wanted to know if he or she had any questions. You email and say you wanted to touch base and see if they’d had a chance to look over the proposal yet. And …Read More

The Best-performing Companies Understand Their Prospects

How important is having a thorough understanding of your prospects? Pretty important, according to recent research by Cintell and MarketingProfs.

The study showed that B2B organizations that exceed annual revenue goals are more likely than worse-performing organizations to use a wide range of sources to research the demographics and psychographics of their prospects. Organizations that exceed annual revenue goals are also …Read More

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How to Get Inside Your Prospects’ Heads

It’s a fact of human nature: people look out for Number One. We go through our days consumed with our own needs, wants, and ways of looking at things. It takes work to get out of “me” mode and view things from another person’s perspective.

But when it comes to marketing and sales, getting inside your prospects’ heads isn’t optional—it’s a …Read More

5 Ways to Better Understand Your Prospects

You can have the most amazing product or service in the world, but if you don’t understand what makes your prospects tick, you won’t be successful in selling to them. The key to successful marketing, successful sales, and successful communication is knowing your prospects.

You need to understand their goals, their fears, what they hate about their jobs, what they want more of, what they …Read More

How to Measure Content Marketing ROI

Here’s the million-dollar question: Is your content marketing system really working? How’s your ROI? According to a report by The Content Marketing Institute, brand awareness is no longer enough for B2B companies. 85% of respondents say they’re now looking for leads from their content marketing systems. And they should be! Although brand awareness is a good ancillary goal, if your …Read More

Marketing That Works Starts With Your Buyers

The fascination with social media has run its course. We’ve seen myriad articles titled, “Get More Twitter Followers Using This Secret to Success,” “Double your Facebook Fans Using These Three Techniques,” and so on.

Maybe you’ve read the articles. Maybe you’ve followed the advice. Maybe you’ve been posting stuff on Facebook, sharing articles on LinkedIn, tweeting and retweeting on Twitter. And …Read More