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A 4-Step Process to Craft a Marketing Strategy You Can Have Confidence In 

Warning: this is a long post. But it’s chock-full of fantastic info that you can put to use immediately, so don’t shy away! 🙂
Creating a marketing strategy isn’t a matter of faith. You don’t need to hope and pray that your plan is going to work—you can have a pretty good idea that it’s going to work before you even …Read More

how to know if your marketing strategy is going to work

How to Know If Your Marketing Plan is Going to Work

There are endless things you can do online to try to bring in more prospects or potential customers. Blogging, sharing in-depth articles and e-books on your website, posting on social media, optimizing your website to show up in the organic search engine listings, pay-per-click campaigns, guest blogging. . . . You could probably come up with 50 things you might …Read More

marketing strategy

Why the Latest Thing Always Results in Diminishing Returns

It’s kind of funny how often you hear the word “strategy” in marketing. Strategy is everything. But then you see people (marketers are the worst) getting awed by the latest cool thing (SEO! Social Media! Content Marketing!) and they just start cranking stuff out via whatever it is.

Tactics are fine, and helpful, but for tactics to work over time, they …Read More

7 Monthly Metrics that Tell You How Your Online Marketing is Performing and What to Improve

When it comes to marketing, many business owners aren’t sure what to measure. Sales numbers are the first thing that come to mind, but so many factors affect sales — the follow up to your marketing, the effectiveness of your product demonstration or your service trial, the closing rates of your salespeople, etc. Here are 7 metrics that will give …Read More