Happier Customer

Want Happier Customers Who Will Recommend Your Company? Give Your Products an Experiential Twist.


Black Friday this year found me exploring a wilderness-area canyon in central Arizona, in search of Sinagua cliff dwelling ruins. I didn’t miss shopping that weekend—and I had the time of my life.

You’ve probably heard that buying and consuming life experiences, contrasted with material items, leads to greater well-being. Many studies demonstrate that people are generally happier as a …Read More

B2B buyers

3 Nuances of B2B Consumer Psychology that You Can Use to Boost Revenue


In one sense, the distinction between B2B buying psychology and B2C is a false one. Companies don’t buy services or products — human beings with concerns, fears, dreams, and goals do. In either case, we’re dealing with people. Whether you’re a B2B or a B2C company, you need to know how your buyers think and what motivates them to take action. …Read More

content marketing strategy

How to Get Inside Your Prospects’ Heads

It’s a fact of human nature: people look out for Number One. We go through our days consumed with our own needs, wants, and ways of looking at things. It takes work to get out of “me” mode and view things from another person’s perspective.

But when it comes to marketing and sales, getting inside your prospects’ heads isn’t optional—it’s a …Read More

Headlines That Convert to Sales

Marketing legend David Ogilvy discovered, “On the average, five times as many people read the headlines as read the body copy.” What does that mean for you when you’re trying to sell prospects who visit your website? You’d better be able to sell them with your home page headline — at least sell them on reading further.

So what makes people continue …Read More

Simple Messaging Outperforms Complex — Here’s Why

When it comes to explaining their products and services, many company owners and professionals want to immediately jump into the details. They know they’ve got great solutions to their market’s issues, and they want everyone to know just how wonderful they are.

But according to science, simple messages outperform complex ones.  There’s a place for detail, digging into benefits and explaining how products …Read More

Explain Yourself! Backing Up Requests with a Reason Results in Greater Compliance

Want someone to take action? Explain why they should.

A classic experiment in the late 1970s, run by psychologists Ellen Langer, Benzion Chanowitz, and Arthur Blank, demonstrated the power of explanation on the human psyche. They experimenters approached people using a photocopying machine, and they measured the effectiveness of different ways of asking if they could cut in line. When they asked …Read More

Beat Sticker Shock with an Easy-to-Implement Psychological Principle

How many times have you experienced an excited prospect’s eyes glazing over when you finally quoted your price? When sticker shock derails a conversation, it’s hard to get back on track. Pricing is one of the most difficult things to navigate in sales situations, both in person and online.

But there’s an easy way to beat sticker shock. You may have heard of …Read More

How to Stop Being Vague and Abstract on Your Homepage

Practically every other B2B website homepage you visit says the same thing. Lots of abstract terms, some jargon, some hype. They try to get at the benefits of using their products or services: “Save time,” “Save money,” “A full solution,” yada, yada, yada. But they’re so vague and generic that they all sound exactly the same. Not a recipe for getting …Read More

How to Use Scarcity and Urgency to Improve Conversion Optimization (in a Way that’s Not Cheesy)

Conversion optimization is all about psychology—implementing small changes that have a big effect on how viewers perceive and interact with your website.
You’re probably familiar with the principles of scarcity and urgency — if there aren’t very many of something, people want it, and if they won’t be able to get it after a certain time, they want it now. 
Those principles are true …Read More