11 Reasons Your Website Isn’t Generating Leads


If you’re spending money on SEO or PPC to drive prospects to your site but you’re not seeing many leads come through, you’re probably trying to figure out what’s wrong—fast. Assuming your site looks professional, your problem likely lies in your content strategy. Here are the top eleven ways I see companies go wrong with their website content. Fix these, and …Read More

When You Try to Speak to Everyone, You End Up Communicating With No One

Lots of people visit your website. Current clients looking for information, prospects who are thinking of making a purchase, people who want to learn more about your area of expertise (DIYers), competitors, people who saw your ad and are curious, people who click on your link in their not-really-related Google search, etc.

You probably want to say something to all of these people. …Read More

Can CRO and SEO Play Nice?

For companies that depend on SEO, conversion rate optimization (CRO) can be kind of scary. They don’t want to disturb their websites’ rankings, so they’re reluctant to change anything on the site, especially content. But SEO and CRO can happily co-exist. Here’s why.
SEO is about pages, not entire sites.
Yes, domain authority has a big impact on ranking. But Google …Read More

How to Stop Being Vague and Abstract on Your Homepage

Practically every other B2B website homepage you visit says the same thing. Lots of abstract terms, some jargon, some hype. They try to get at the benefits of using their products or services: “Save time,” “Save money,” “A full solution,” yada, yada, yada. But they’re so vague and generic that they all sound exactly the same. Not a recipe for getting …Read More

9 Tips to Get Beyond “Online Presence” and Make Your Site Deliver Results

It’s not enough to have “an online presence” anymore. The Internet’s way too crowded for that. No one becomes convinced to make a purchase simply because a company has an online presence. They buy because they become convinced that a company is the best one for the job. And to communicate that you’re the best, you’ve got to do more than …Read More

Do Page Views Really Matter? What to Measure Instead

For at least a decade, the Holy Grail of online marketing has been page views. The more views, the better. Copywriters have been writing catchy headlines designed to get those almighty clicks.

But companies have begun to realize that page views don’t mean money. And what’s the point of getting page views if not to (at least eventually) sell more stuff?

So …Read More

4 Tools That Tell You Why Your Website Visitors Abandon Your Site

If you’re not getting many leads on your website, you may be asking yourself why. Particularly if you get a lot of traffic. If there are people visiting your website, why aren’t they placing an order or calling you?

Here are four great tools that show you why your visitors aren’t taking action.

Google Analytics — We use Google Analytics daily. Even though it’s …Read More

Want to Convert More Web Visitors to Customers? 10 Things You Should Split-test

You probably pay good money to get traffic to your website: either for SEO, PPC, advertising, etc. You want to make the most of those dollars by getting the highest number of visitors to convert into paying customers.

Split-testing, or A/B testing, is one of the most powerful ways to do that — to figure out what works and what doesn’t …Read More