Your competitors are all out there blabbing about the features and benefits of their products or services. They’re all the same. “Our company/product/service is amazing and here’s why.” Be different.

People today are inundated with advertising messages. And no matter what the message is, no matter how unique, how creative, or how “sticky,” they’re all essentially the same. They’re saying, “look at me.”

Be radically different. Instead of focusing on yourself and your business, focus on your prospects. Care. Give. Share. This kind of approach to marketing will turn some heads. A message that’s steeped in “here, I’m happy to help you, no charge” will get your prospects’ attention in a way no traditional message ever will.

When someone is considering working with a company or service provider, there are a few questions floating around in his or her mind:

1) Can this person or company help me? (Are you competent?)
2) Will this person or company do a good job? (Are you committed to excellence?)
3) Does this person care about me? (Do you have the best interests of the client at heart?)

Rattling off information about how fantastic you are, whether it’s on your website, on your blog, in your e-newsletter, or on your social channels, isn’t a good way to answer those questions.

When you take a different approach, offering valuable tips, advice, and sharing resources, you build trust with clients and prospects. They also learn that you know what you’re talking about. When people like and trust you, the sales process becomes more like an educational conversation than a pitch.


photo credit: minato via photopin cc

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