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You’ve all seen them: photos of someone’s dinner on Instagram or Facebook that look more like dog food than anything else. One of my hobbies is food photography, and it took a while for me to learn how to get food that looked amazing and delectable sitting in front of me to look just as appealing in a photograph.

Making  your fantastic business blog content—tips, how-tos, featured resources, etc.—appealing to your audience is no less tricky. There’s so much information online, and your audience doesn’t have the time or desire to sift through the not-so-appealing stuff. If you can make your content appealing, you’ll get the attention of your audience. Here are some ideas how to do it.

  1. Make your content visually attractive with good design principles. The principles of design should be applied to everything from the layout of your blog to the way you organize individual posts with headlines, bullet points, and bold or italics.
  2. Include images. The cliché is true — visual images speak faster than words do. So include images with your written content whenever possible. You can go even further with infographics, SlideShare presentations, videos, and other visual content.
  3. Use descriptive titles. How many times have you passed over a blog article in your social media feed because the title was vague or boring? Entice readers in with descriptive titles that communicate what they’ll get out of each post.
  4. Make it easy to read. Organize your information into paragraphs and lists, keep your posts concise, avoid jargon, and use a conversational writing style. Your goal is to make reading easy, not something your audience has to work at — because they won’t.

Great information alone isn’t enough to get your audience to read your blog. You’ve got to make it easy and desirable. It’s not hard to do when you know what to keep in mind, but it makes a big difference in whether your blog gets read or passed over.

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