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It’s Not That Complicated

We, as humans, tend to think things are more complicated than they really are. Relationships, health, even cleaning the house. (I mean, why do we need a separate cleaner for every surface in our house? Other than to make S.C. Johnson™ more money. . . .)

It took me a few years to figure out that it’s the same with marketing. With all the different methods, platforms, and tactics available to businesses today, there are only two real reasons to run a marketing campaign:

  1. to increase revenue
  2. to increase profits

Everything you do related to marketing is for the purpose of achieving one of those two goals. 

You might have reasons to be in business other than money (I hope so!), but you don’t need to market your business if you aren’t in need of more revenue or profits.

Does It Measure Up?

Every marketing tactic or activity should be able to be measured to see if it increases revenue or increases profits. 

You might want to redesign your website. But will that redesign mean more visitors turning into clients for you? (If you get a good web designer who knows his/her stuff, the answer is probably “yes.”)

You might want to get 1000 new Facebook fans. Will those Facebook fans mean that more people will buy your product? (Maybe, maybe not. Measure it, and see.)

Over the next few weeks, we’re going to dig into the details of how you can create and organize your strategy to know for sure if what you’re doing is working—and to know what tactics and activities you should be doing to reach your goals. 

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photo credit: Franck BLAIS via photopin cc

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