Lots of people visit your website. Current clients looking for information, prospects who are thinking of making a purchase, people who want to learn more about your area of expertise (DIYers), competitors, people who saw your ad and are curious, people who click on your link in their not-really-related Google search, etc.

You probably want to say something to all of these people. But you shouldn’t. Here’s why.

60-70% of the visitors to your site will never purchase from you, or send you a referral, or say something nice about you. You don’t need to concern yourself with them.

The two groups of people you need to focus on are the 30-40% who will buy from you or who will spread the news about how fantastic you and your product/service are.

You can’t make everyone happy. If you try to be relevant to everyone who visits your website, you’ll end up communicating with no one. Writing to the masses means weak writing — a message that’s vague, abstract, and doesn’t connect, that makes you sound like plain vanilla (and not Häagen-Dazs vanilla).

Figure out who your product or service is ideally suited to. Who gets the most ROI from what you’re selling? What group of people is the most excited about what you can do for them? What segment of the market gives you the best unsolicited testimonials? What industry can you rock? Those are the people you need to write to. Because a message that actually connects with 30-40% of your website visitors will skyrocket your conversion rate.

Effective copy is concentrated copy.


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