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Hi there! I’m Laura MacPherson — a marketing strategist and writer with over a decade of experience working with marketing teams at B2B SaaS companies. I help my clients attract and convert more ideal customers by creating messages that resonate with their target personas, optimizing their content strategy, and developing more effective content for prospective buyers at each stage in the funnel.

My work is based on insights gained from helping dozens of SaaS and tech companies boost their marketing KPIs and from my time working as a marketing manager for a HubSpot Platinum marketing agency and a sales training company.

I’m a nerd who loves learning. I’m fascinated by human behavior, and I enjoy studying how behavioral psychology impacts sales and marketing. With a degree in creative writing and lifelong love of narrative, I use storytelling techniques to engage audiences and draw them to action.

If you need fresh ideas based on a proven framework and methodology to empower your brand and get better results from your marketing, get in touch!


I'm a Specialist

To attract the right audience, you need a strategy built on the science of how humans perceive, think, and behave.

Trends come and go, but the underlying principles of human psychology and persuasion are what drive conversions. I’m trained in sales, and I know how to translate that knowledge into websites and sales pages. As a marketing manager for a top-tier content marketing agency, I honed my skills analyzing target audiences, crafting strategies to reach them, and creating high-quality content that increased lead count and lead quality.

I'm a Collaborator

The best marketing is based on collaboration between sharp minds with expansive visions. I count myself lucky to be a part of my clients’ teams.

I Get Meaningful Results

Creating quality content isn’t enough to bring more leads to your sales team. My psychology-based strategies deliver leads who come with an understanding that your company is uniquely qualified to help them.

I'm Famous For My People Skills

Results are essential, but you probably also want to work with someone who makes projects simple and enjoyable. I happen to fit that bill as well!

My clients appreciate my communication skills and track record of happy customers.

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I couldn’t do what I do without my amazing team! I’m honored to work with these talented and experienced women.


Sam Glauser is a writer, marketer, and project manager who has experience working with technology and healthcare companies. She loves helping businesses grow using her expertise in writing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media management, and project management.

When she’s not working, you can usually find Sam hiking the nearest mountain or on a plane traveling somewhere new around the world. Sam has harnessed her obsession with travel by blogging about her adventures at My Flying Leap. She also dedicates time volunteering with hospice patients and children with her pet therapy dog and cat.


Mara Woosley is a fifth-generation Florida native with a diverse business and creative background. She’s naturally tech-savvy and has a knack for finding the ideal software to handle any given business process or task. Mara wrangles WordPress with ease and manages marketing automation. Beyond this, she’s also skilled in creating social media graphics. And she’s full of creative ideas!



Yes, you can hire my team to create a batch of case studies or a single e-guide, but my preference is to work on an ongoing basis with clients. When we work together long-term, I spend time learning your business and your audience, getting to know you and your team, and strategizing with you how to best reach your goals. I can bring multiple times the value when we’re working together on an ongoing basis, giving you more bang for your buck.


My team takes our work seriously (but we have fun doing it!). You can count on us not only to create top-notch work, but also to do it in a professional manner. I’m responsive (during normal business hours), and I’ll keep you updated on our projects’ progress as we go along. I like to work with clients who are committed to professionalism too — responsiveness and active engagement are important.


Let’s get some results! I love the craft of marketing strategy and writing, but helping you reach your goals is what really gets me excited. This is why I always ask questions about the purpose of the project and what you want to achieve. In fact, I won’t take on a project if I don’t think I can help you. If I can’t help, I’ll recommend someone in my network who specializes in what you need.

“You are our most valued asset in growing our business. You’ve helped us think in lots of new ways and have completely transformed what we think about how to use content in our marketing strategy.”
Mike Donnelly
Mike Donnelly Seventh Sense

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