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Your prospects’ inboxes are overflowing, and their social media feeds are filled with your competitors’ posts. “Visibility” is no longer enough. Companies are cranking out more and more content in the hopes of capturing more mindshare. But they’re still falling behind.

Let’s change the way you do content. We’ll develop a clear strategic plan for content that will:

  • Interrupt prospects’ research process with insight that connects directly to their goals.
  • Change the buying criteria to point to your company as the only provider who can fully meet the need.
  • Guide buyers through the remainder of the buying journey, leading them to your sales team.
  • Is substantively different from the content that’s already out there.

This interactive workshop results in insights into your target audience’s motivations and decision-making process as well as a Content Strategy Roadmap that includes persona cards, buyer’s journey analysis, and detailed content plan. 


“Laura has been a significant contributor to our success at both CSS and LeadG2. She is an amazing person and colleague and has helped us to grow our marketing efforts over the past two and a half years.” —Matt Sunshine, The Center for Sales Strategy


  • Define Goals
  • Audit & Analysis of Content and Funnels
  • Audience, Competitor, Industry Research


  • Session: Get Inside Prospects’ Heads
  • Session: Identify Themes and Types
  • Session: Strategy Overview


  • Results of Audit & Analysis
  • Recommendations
  • 6-Month Content Plan


Prior to the workshop, I conduct an in-depth audit and analysis of your current situation. I look at what’s working, what’s not working, and where holes lie in your strategy and content. Then we dive into an interactive 3-hour workshop, which is designed to get you thinking from new perspectives to see your audience and your business in new ways. The end result ensures that the content you create will resonate with your target audience and generate a response. (Virtual workshops divided into three separate sessions are available!)

We start the workshop by digging into the psychographics of your audience — what motivates them and how they make buying decisions. We also explore the mileau in which they’re making those buying decisions. You’ll bring your extensive knowledge of your audience and business to the table, and I’ll bring my research insights and experience with buying psychology to the table.

Next up, we’ll explore a highly effective framework for messaging and content strategy — the “Shared Enemy” Framework. We’ll identify the intersection between what your company has to offer and what drives your audience to action. Then we’ll define your goals for your content marketing strategy.

Finally, after the workshop is complete, I’ll use our discoveries plus my additional research to create a Content Strategy Handbook. The handbook includes the results of my audit and analysis, recommendations, and detailed content plan that recommends types of content and topics for each persona at each stage in the buyer’s journey.


To create content that attracts the right audience, you need more than a writer. You need an experienced content strategist with psychology expertise.

Trends come and go, but the underlying principles of human psychology and persuasion are what drive conversions. I’m trained in sales, and I know how to translate that knowledge into websites and sales pages. As a marketing manager for a top-tier content marketing agency, I honed my skills analyzing target audiences, crafting strategies to reach them, and creating high-quality content that increased lead count and lead quality.

Nice words aren’t enough to bring more leads to your inbox. My psychology-based approach delivers leads and prospects who come with an understanding that your company is uniquely qualified to help them.

As a former marketing manager who worked with freelancers, I understand the importance of deadlines.

Results are essential, but you probably also want to work with someone who makes projects simple and enjoyable. I happen to fit that bill as well!

My clients appreciate my communication skills and track record of happy customers.

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