Map Your Content

Your Personas Don’t All Have the Same Buyer’s Journey. Here’s How to Map Your Content to Each One.

Many B2B marketers make the mistake of focusing too much on one stage of the buyer’s journey. Some produce most of their content for the top of the funnel — prospects who have just begun exploring their problem. Others have almost nothing to offer these awareness-stage prospects and go heavy on case studies and sales sheets. 

Another common mistake is overlooking the …Read More


Differentiate from Competitors by Standing for (and Against) Something

You’ve heard that having a UVP which clearly communicates how your product or service is better than others will help you differentiate from competitors. But is this true?

As it turns out, a company’s UVP typically isn’t enough to motivate prospects to choose it over a competitor. In a survey sponsored by Think with Google, only 14% of buyers perceived enough …Read More

In-Depth Interview

Don’t Be Blinded by Big Data: Get into the Minds of Your Prospects

It’s the Age of Big Data. Everything is tracked. Everything is measured. Everything is analyzed.
A 2016 study of 316 executives from large global companies, conducted by Forbes Insights and sponsored by Teradata in partnership with McKinsey, found that 90% of organizations report medium to high levels of investment in big data analytics, and about a third call their investments “very significant.” Another study last …Read More

common enemy marketing

Find a Common Enemy to Make Your Prospects Your Allies (and Customers)

“Storytelling” is one of the marketing’s industry’s biggest buzzwords. Every marketer knows that telling stories is a powerful way to communicate. It’s been true since the dawn of the human race. People have used stories to warn each other of danger and to relate epic adventures throughout generations. Storytelling is an integral part of the human psyche. People connect with …Read More

content marketing for sales

Work Smarter, Not Harder: Let Content Do the Work of Selling

Salespeople are tenacious. They send email after email, make call after call, meet with prospect after prospect, then get up morning after morning and repeat. Salespeople work hard. But hard work doesn’t make sales — at least not efficiently.

Most B2B companies now understand the role that content plays in marketing, to generate leads. But many companies are still relying on “hard work” methods …Read More

case studies

Powerful Case Studies: Buying Decisions Are Made at the Intersection of Insight and Customer Stories

Everyone is drawn to a good story. Why? We love to imagine ourselves as the protagonist, overcoming the odds and winning. Stories are inspiring. Stories help us understand how the world works.

Ultimately, stories give us clues about how to solve our own problems in the real world. And stories are attractive because they’re concrete. They’re visual, easily pictured in the …Read More