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Your website is your marketing hub. It’s where you either hook or lose your prospects when they first engage with you. What you say on your website will either result in a sales team that’s twiddling their thumbs or a steady stream of qualified prospects.  

With the Website Copy Package, we’ll hone your message through the Message Distillery, develop a website content roadmap, and create content that converts prospects to customers — all in an efficient, streamlined manner


“I love how thoroughly you researched, and your writing style is informative but also engaging to read. You have great ideas that are perfect for our business. We’re impressed you’ve been able to understand our business so quickly!” —Courtney Luna, LEL International


  • Interviews with Your Team & Clients
  • Audience & Competitor Research
  • The Common Enemy Framework
  • Crafting Your Key Messages

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  • Current Traffic Analysis
  • Page Goals
  • Conversion Path Analysis
  • Site Map Creation


  • Home Page
  • About Page
  • Services and Other Subpages
  • Contact & 404 Pages


Copy that converts takes time to develop, but we work through a streamlined process that minimizes the time you’ll need to invest. I handle almost all the work, but I’ll need your collaboration at various points along the way.

We start by taking you through the Message Distillery, which results in a series of messages that clearly and concisely communicate your unique selling points and capture your prospects’ interest. You can use these messages throughout your marketing collateral.

Next up, we’ll develop a website content roadmap, so we know exactly what we need to do to increase your website’s conversions. We’ll also create a sitemap of the pages we need to create.

Finally, I create a copy deck that will include your style guide and ensure we’re on the same page. Then I craft your new content and deliver a draft for your review. You’ll have the opportunity to make two rounds of revisions so the copy suits you. Then your shiny new copy is ready to publish!


Trends come and go, but the underlying principles of human psychology and persuasion are what drive conversions. I know how to sell, and I know how to translate that knowledge into websites, landing pages, and email marketing.

Nice words aren’t enough to bring more leads to your inbox. My psychology-based approach delivers leads and prospects who come with an understanding that your company is uniquely qualified to help them.

I pride myself on the fact that I always meet my deadlines.

Results are essential, but you probably also want to work with someone who makes projects simple and enjoyable. I happen to fit that bill as well!


Ask about add-ons like customer success stories, blog posts, lead magnets, and conversion-funnel emails to boost your website content package.

Ready to transform your website with copy that converts?