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Laura MacPherson

Hi, I'm Laura MacPherson, a B2B SaaS copywriter and brand strategist. I help my clients blast past plateaus to attract and convert more ideal customers.

A Few of My Clients




“You are our most valued asset in growing our business because you’ve helped us think in lots of new ways and have completely transformed what we think about how to use content in our marketing strategy.”
Mike Donnelly — Seventh Sense
Mike Donnelly — Seventh Sense

Ready to start boosting your marketing results?

“The roller coaster of finding the right ‘fit’ was extremely frustrating, but when I found you on LinkedIn I knew the search was over. You have exceeded my expectations! I look forward to the collaboration we have enjoyed so far to continue for years to come.”
Lee Clark — PayCrew
Lee Clark — PayCrew

Work With an Experienced B2B SaaS Copywriter to Turbocharge Your Marketing

Savvy, experienced B2B SaaS marketers consistently achieve growth for their SaaS products. But most teams hit a plateau at some point.

Maybe the messaging isn’t resonating like it should. Or maybe the content strategy isn’t hitting the personas’ precise needs at each stage in the buyer’s journey. Sometimes there’s a weakness in the CTA strategy — prospects aren’t being led to the next stage in the funnel. And sometimes the content quality doesn’t reflect the quality of the product.

Any of these problems could be limiting your marketing’s success. Overcome these limitations by working with a B2B SaaS marketer whose strategies and systems have been honed by over a decade of experience boosting marketing results for SaaS companies.

If you need fresh ideas based on a proven framework and methodology to empower your brand and get better results from your marketing, get in touch!