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Case Study: Seventh Sense


Seventh Sense is a software that integrates with HubSpot and Marketo to personalize the send time and frequency of marketing emails. Using Seventh Sense, recipients will get emails right when they are most likely to open and read them based on their past engagement data. And they’ll get emails at the optimal frequency based on the trend of their engagement over time.

Marketing agencies use Seventh Sense to get better results for their clients, and enterprises that send a lot of marketing email use it to boost engagement. Mid-2018, 10% of Seventh Sense’s business was coming from marketing agencies. Mike Donnelly, CEO, knew that they needed to increase that percentage. Mike shared, “We wanted to expand the agency program, so we started putting 50% of effort into it. We saw it was the path forward for us to really grow.”

Seventh Sense Uses New Landing Page to Raise Conversions Over 300%

Mike and his co-founder, Erik, successfully expanded their agency program with a better converting landing page.



A poorly-performing landing page was holding back progress of a new agency-focused marketing initiative.


New, benefits-driven content, rich with social proof, was persuasive and provided credibility.


An over 300% increase in conversion rate launched Seventh Sense’s agency program to a new level.

“The page is doing what it’s supposed to be doing now, and we’re excited about what this means for the growth of our agency program.” – Mike Donnelly, Co-Founder of Seventh Sense

Mediocre Messaging Isn’t Working

A primary funnel for prospective agencies interested in the program is a landing page on the Seventh Sense website. When the company runs promotions and pitches marketing partnerships directed at agencies, they send prospects to this page. Originally, the page failed to explain the benefits of the program and communicate why agencies would want to be a part of it. As expected, the page was getting a low conversion rate of 4.49%. If Mike and his co-founder, Erik, were going to expand their agency program, they were going to need a better landing page.

Benefit-Driven Copy Incorporates Insights from Psychology

When I started working with the Seventh Sense team, we discovered that a top concern of agencies was differentiation. Agency owners continually felt the stress of commoditization. Seventh Sense’s agency clients were using the software as a way to get better results for their customers, which set the agencies apart from competitors.

Because this concern was so strong, and because the agencies were successfully winning new work with pitches that included the capabilities Seventh Sense brought to the table, we focused the new landing page messaging around this benefit. We also included a step-by-step of how the program works to alleviate fear of the unknown and added social proof in the form of a detailed testimonial, a customer video, and a mini case study to provide credibility.

Conversions Increase Over 300%

While I was working, Mike and Erik stayed focused on their sales initiatives in preparation for the HubSpot launch. Mike said, “The process was simple and straightforward on my end. And we’d worked together enough before that I knew you’d come up with something amazing.”

After launching the new page, Mike kept a close eye on the analytics. After a few weeks, he reported that the result of the new page was a 15.64% conversion rate — an increase of over 300%. Mike shares, “The page is doing what it’s supposed to be doing now, and we’re excited about what this means for the growth of our agency program.”