“You are our most valued asset in growing our business. You’ve helped us think in lots of new ways and have completely transformed what we think about how to use content in our marketing strategy.”

— Mike Donnelly, Seventh Sense

“Laura will quickly become your content secret weapon. I can’t speak highly enough of her work ethic, quality and depth of research she puts into each piece of content, and her ability to keep to project deadlines.”

— Tim Lowry, TipTop Search and Marketing

Passport“Laura is extremely diligent and has the ability to turn something complex and technical into something concise and digestible. It’s rare to find someone who delivers excellent, timely content and is a joy to work with at the same time!”

— Julie Starck, Passport

“Wonderful job on this draft! It’s refreshing to be working with someone with your talent. I really liked the points you hit on and how you tied it back in to our product in several places.”

— Jackson Dame, Fusion Web Clinic

“We love working with Laura. After working on several projects now, here are my takeaways. Her ability to understand topics, do research and get on the same page as us has been insanely fast. She communicates a deadline and hits it every time. She’s very reliable and responsive. I’d highly recommend working with Laura because she does very high-quality work and because she’s really fun to work with!”

— Tyler Pigott, Lone Fir Creative

“LOVED this week’s post. This is the kind of instructional, keyword-driven content we were lacking [before you joined our team].”

— John Bonini, Databox

“The roller coaster of finding the right ‘fit’ was extremely frustrating, but when I found you on LinkedIn I knew the search was over. You have exceeded my expectations! I look forward to the collaboration we have enjoyed so far to continue for years to come.”

—Lee Clark, PayCrew

“Laura helped us figure out what we should say on our website so people would understand the value of how we can help them. We’re getting about four times the number of leads through the website as we were before.”

—David De Vita, Carolina Safety Consultants

“I told Laura what was important to me. She asked a few questions, did a bit of research and then simply nailed what I was looking for in the very first try. The GSATC is a busy and growing enterprise and being able to get to success so quickly was invaluable. We are communicating exactly what we intend without spinning our wheels even once.”

—Phil Yanov, GSATC

“When Laura wrote our content, she worked our SEO keywords in naturally. Our website now communicates to the people we’re trying to reach and also works for Google. We’re ranking on the first page of the search results for our target terms.”

—Ben Davis, Tailored Software

“Thanks for the constant flow of ideas and things we can get plugged in to. It strikes me that you’re fully engaged and it makes the work fun. I look forward to seeing what we can accomplish in the coming months.”

—Tom Newton, EvolvingSites

Choose Laura! She’s extremely organized, always on-time, and very professional. Adept at uncovering customer pain points and finding creative ways to present solutions, she’s mastered the art of crafting a compelling customer story. On top of that, her writing is crisp, precise, and well-adapted to our brand’s voice and tone. Her expertise has helped to improve our storytelling. A true pleasure to work with!

— Emily Hackeling, Front

“I love how thoroughly you researched, and your writing style is informative but also engaging to read. You have great ideas that are perfect for our business. We’re impressed you’ve been able to understand our business so quickly!”

—Courtney Luna, LEL International

“We knew that we desperately needed a strategic marketing mind who had serious content writing chops in order for us to deliver a better product, and thankfully a reference to work with Laura came walking through the door! She is consistently an asset to the team and has an incredible talent for connecting the dots between your product/service and a remarkable content strategy. Beyond that, the way she listens, the attention to detail, and positivity have made it a complete joy to be around. Adamantly recommend Laura!

— Derek Kinzer, Lone Fir Creative

Good content closes for you. Laura is helping us stand out in our industry, and the content is unique and interesting. She goes in-depth in a way that’s easy for non-technical people to understand, and really communicates the value.

— Keith Shields, Designli

“We’re getting two or three calls a day now from the website! Another client just hired us for all their AV installation. Had to share. Thanks for all that you do.”

—Jason Gillespie, GrandCentral Wiring

“Laura has been a significant contributor to our success at both CSS and LeadG2. She is an amazing person and colleague and has helped us to grow our marketing efforts over the past two and a half years.”

—Matt Sunshine, The Center for Sales Strategy

“Thank you, Laura! We really appreciate all the great work you do for us!”

—Jeff Carver, Robojuice

“For years I struggled with trying to successfully market my business online. Laura jumped in and helped me grow my business by 20% in the last four months. I recommend her to anyone looking to do the same.”

—Dan Livengood, CPA

“I shared the case study with [the client] this morning and she loved it! She even added a link to it on their website. Great job!”

—Sarah Leitner, Palmetto Technology Group

“Yes, you got it! The style is spot on. And we love the quirky headlines for our stuff. Not to say reading technical aspects about the Cloud is boring but….”

—Kendale Miller, Green Cloud Technologies

“Laura rocks. She does good work, is timely, and helps me make money.”

—Scott Stevens, YourMark