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Does having a UVP that communicates how your product or service is better than others translate into more sales?

As it turns out, a company’s UVP typically isn’t enough to motivate prospects to choose it over a competitor. In a survey sponsored by Think with Google, only 14% of buyers perceived enough meaningful difference between the value of competing B2B brands to be willing to pay extra for that difference. Too often, companies end up competing on price for this reason.

UVP Matters, but It’s Not Enough

What’s the solution? It’s not that a UVP based on business value doesn’t matter at all. B2B buyers demand ROI—and you have to communicate the numbers that show how your solution will boost your prospects’ revenue, help them compete more effectively, make their operations more efficient, etc. You have to demonstrate your value.

But a UVP that focuses on business value isn’t enough. You need something more. You need a message that:

  • connects with a strong fear or anger about the status quo
  • simultaneously inspires
  • makes prospects excited about your company because of what you stand for and against
  • motivates them to take action (and buy from you!)

Fight For Something, Fight Against Something

During my decade of experience working as a marketing consultant with B2B brands, I realized that the ones who were most successful with their messaging had something in common. They had more than a UVP that communicated business value. They were all fighting for something. Not just fighting for something, but aligning themselves with their customers and prospects to fight for something together. They had messages that actually moved prospects to action.

What Enemy are You Fighting?

When you identify an enemy that your customers are driven to overcome and position your company as an ally, you automatically stand out from competitors. At the same time, you create a galvanizing wave of emotion and motivation to win the fight.

Think Nike with their fight against mediocrity and inertia. Think HubSpot with their campaign against soul-less growth. When you fight a common enemy with your prospects and customers, you not only motivate them to choose your company, you create a movement that spreads.

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What are You Fighting For?

A good story isn’t just about fighting an enemy, however. The reason the protagonists in a story are so motivated to overcome the enemy is because they envision a brighter future. They’re fighting for something just as much as they’re fighting against something.

Your prospects and customers are no different. They want to see change. They want to live a better life.

Standing Together with Your Customers Differentiates You

When you stand for something or against something that your prospects and customers are also standing for or against, you automatically differentiate. You break out of the commoditization trap, because, suddenly, you’re not like everyone else.

Standing for or against something with your prospects and customers creates more than just new business. It creates a movement of people who will evangelize others for your brand — which is the path to sustainable growth.

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