“You are our most valued asset in growing our business. You’ve helped us think in lots of new ways and have completely transformed what we think about how to use content in our marketing strategy.”

—Mike Donnelly, Seventh Sense

“The roller coaster of finding the right “fit” was extremely frustrating, but when I found you on LinkedIn I knew the search was over. You have exceeded my expectations! I look forward to the collaboration we have enjoyed so far to continue for years to come.”

—Lee Clark, PayCrew

“Laura helped me figure out what I should say on my website so people would understand the value of how I can help them. I’m getting about four times the number of leads I was getting through the website.”

—David De Vita, Carolina Safety Consultants

“I told Laura what was important to me. She asked a few questions, did a bit of research and then simply nailed what I was looking for in the very first try. The GSATC is a busy and growing enterprise and being able to get to success so quickly was invaluable. We are communicating exactly what we intend without spinning our wheels even once.”

—Phil Yanov, GSATC

“Laura’s focus on conversions is important to us, because our goal is to get site visitors to call us after they find our site. When she wrote our content, she worked our SEO keywords in naturally so it communicates to the people we’re trying to reach as well as works for Google. I’m pleased with her work, and we’re now ranking on page 1 for our target terms.”

—Ben Davis, Tailored Software

“I have known Laura for quite a few years and have been, and still am, a client of hers. I have found her to be a very good creative writer and I can count on her to help me come up with ways to grow my business. If you need someone to help you with your website, you should get in touch with Laura.”

—Harry King, To The Edge Coaching

“Thanks for the constant flow of ideas and things we can get plugged in to. It strikes me that you’re fully engaged and it makes the work fun. I look forward to seeing what we can accomplish in the coming months, as we continue to evolve the ideas and build the business.”

—Tom Newton, EvolvingSites

“I really enjoy your blog posts! They are always upbeat and you have good ideas that support our products as well as make the posts fun to read!”

—Kaitlan Pedersen, Gerber Childrenswear

“I shared the case study with Emily at ZDC this morning and she loved it! She even added a link to it on their website. Great job!”

—Sarah Leitner, Palmetto Technology Group

“Laura rocks. She does good work, is timely, and helps me make money.”

—Scott Stevens, YourMark

“Laura is the person I call whenever I need strong content for a website or blog. She’s really good at understanding exactly what I want to accomplish and delivering a finished product quickly.”

—Jason Gillespie, Jnology

“Yes, you got it!  The style is spot on. And we love the quirky headlines for our stuff. Not to say reading technical aspects about the Cloud is boring but….”

—Kendale Miller, Green Cloud Technologies

“Laura is always a pleasure to do business with. If you are a growing business, you need to take the time to meet with Laura and find out how she can help.”

—Will Wellborn, Palmetto Insurance

“For years I struggled with trying to successfully market my business online. Laura jumped in and had everything configured so that my informational postings and emails would go everywhere I needed and wanted them to. That has helped me grow my business by 20% in the last four months. I recommend her to anyone looking to do the same.”

—Dan Livengood, CPA

“Great work on the marketing posts! Well targeted!”

—Earle Gregory, Tribr

“Laura creates great ideas to brand your business! She really listens to what you have to say about yourself, your business and your goals. I believe that her attention to detail helps her to create that custom solution that is perfect for you!”

—Varenda Fowler, Fowler & Associates

“You are such a gem! You have the appropriate tone, demographic, and vision for Lisa’s Pet Styles. I consider your participation a vital necessity. Keep up the terrific work!”

—Lisa Sawin, Lisa’s Pet Styles


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